Stone Pony is a band based in West Norfolk that has been in existence since September 1999.The band was formed by Andy Graham with the original intent of playing traditional and early electric American Blues. Over time the set lists have evolved and whilst blues is still often a major feature, a lot of other styles are now also performed including Rock, Soul, Pop and Rock and Roll. The band therefore can switch from pure blues sets to non-blues sets dependent on what the venue/event requires or perhaps the mood the band is in.

The current line-up of the band is Andy Graham (Guitar & Vocals), Luke Graham (guitar), Jake Graham (drums), Alex Whyman (bass and vocals). This clearly is primarily a family band but the line up does vary from time to time subject to the type of booking or the availability of players. The band always consists of top quality players and often it is the core band that swaps around as Alex can sometimes be seen playing guitar and Jake often plays bass. The band sometimes goes out as a three piece and occasionally goes out as a bigger band too. A factor is often how many players the venue or hirer wants subject to space and price.

The band has an extensive repertoire of currently approaching 1000 songs but pride themselves that the songs are performed in a flexible “jam-like” approach. Songs can often sound different from gig to gig subject to what ideas spring up spontaneously from the musicians or perhaps feeding from the atmosphere of the gig. This makes the band extremely flexible and responsive, making a dynamic and exciting chemistry between the musicians.

Incidentally, the name Stone Pony comes from a Charlie Patton song recorded in 1934 called Stone Pony Blues.

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Band Clips

Brown Eyed Girl

Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’

Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Ain’t No Sunshine

Duos and Solos
Stone Pony also perform in duo format and Andy performs as a solo artist in his own right. Duo and solo formats are ideal for small intimate venues, house parties, including barbeques, and restaurants. Much of the band repertoire converts well to duo and solo performances, but more diverse material can be played as well. The duo line ups can vary and also theme nights such as Beatles, Bob Dylan and Elvis can be performed. Numerous guest players from other local bands include Paul Whyman and Mick Alden who have been particularly popular.

 Duo Clips


All My Loving

Friend Of The Devil

Dancing In The Street

Car Wash

Thank you for your interest. If you would like to contact us, please visit the Contact page.